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Stunting at Clearwater beach,


Coventry Dynamite Ignite at Future Cheer Heart of England 2014 

If this is what you can hit with an injury in warm up, I am sooo excited to see what you bring to worlds!

Only thing I’d think needs work is a bit more level 5 tumbling and jump timing.

Great Job :)

So proud of everyone in this routine for pulling together and proving that, even if someone breaks their collar bone on the practise mat, you can still go out there and perform a winning routine. So grateful we had an amazing super-sub to come and save the day and thankyou to the other teams in warm up that supported us and raised our spirits. Worlds 2014 here we come!

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Coventry Dynamite Lady Grenades at Future Cheer Heart of England

Level 4 mixed Co-Ed and All Girl this weekend, and Lady grenades placed 2nd in a predominantly Co-Ed division which is quite an achievement.

However they had a lot of stunt issues so I’m surprised with their placing, especially over Unity Indigo. With these skills hitting consistently I think they will be ones to watch for nationals

So proud of these girls for placing 2nd out of 7 in a coed division, so close to first place and grand champions but we have something to work for and push for now

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SLAYYYY!!!!! Omg they did the handspring thing!!!

So creative 👌👌

the scorpion thing oh my goshhhhh 

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Sports?! | NikkiCrayRay - YouTube


Ohhhh new video, please check it out if you get the chance :)

This is my favourite video so far!
P.S thanks for my special mention


Stretching?  Message me for my kik.
I love everyone on my team so much, I’m so proud of everyone at showcase yesterday
The people I like to call my family